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A Guide to the Neighborhood (One Stone Restaurant)
August 5, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by One Stone Restaurant

A Guide to Algiers Point from Your Friends at Old Stone Restaurant

Algiers Point provides both the excitement of New Orleans culture and the welcoming feel of a close-knit smalltown neighborhood. Visitors can enjoy excellent food and nightlife options as well as fun venues for families with kids. 

Graced with views of both the Mississippi River and city skyline, visitors should include Algiers Point in their essential New Orleans to-do list.

What Makes Algiers Point Special

Formerly an independent town, New Orleans annexed the city in 1870. Through the early 20th century the neighborhood served as a bustling center of industry and commerce. At one time, the neighborhood could support almost 40 dance halls, providing fertile ground for developing a rich variety of jazz and blues artists. This well preserved historic district dating back to 1719 has a place on the National Register of Historic Places.

Today the neighborhood celebrates its artistic traditions while offering visitors any number of fun activities.

Experience Amazing Views from the Levee

Start your visit to Algiers Point at the levee. Active visitors will enjoy the opportunity to hike or bike along the river. Sightseers will enjoy taking pictures of the iconic New Orleans skyline. Either way, the levee provides a memorable experience, especially when the steamboat Natchez floats past playing its identifiable calliope.

Take a Walk Through History on the Jazz Walk of Fame

Iconic New Orleans jazz musicians had a special place in their heart for what many of them called “the Brooklyn of the South.” Brass bands focused their attention on the neighborhood just after the Civil War, providing inspiration for later generations of jazz stars. Don’t let the occasional references to voodoo scare you from the magic of this timeless journey into American musical history. 

Today the Robert E. Nims Jazz Walk of Fame is best enjoyed as a self-guided tour through Algiers Point’s rich musical heritage. 

Kids Heart Confetti Park

This small neighborhood park has evolved into an amazing venue for kid-centered activities. Children will love the new playground equipment, including picnic tables with tops painted for use with chess or checkers. The park is surrounded by a wooden fence painted by artist Steve Kline. 

Neighborhood groups regularly plan fun family-centered events throughout the year in Confetti Park that natives and visitors alike will enjoy. 

More Fun with the Arts

Family friendliness does not stop at the gates of Confetti Park. Algiers Point offers a number of opportunities for children of all ages to enjoy art.

One of the great lost American art forms making a comeback is blown glass. Rosetree Blown Glass Studio offers an opportunity to learn more about how artisans create amazing pieces of beautiful and functional glass art. The adventurous can sign up for classes that teach you how to make your own creations. 

Calliope Puppets brings back to life another vanishing American art form, the puppet show. Adults and kids alike will love the performances of world-renowned puppeteer Karen Konnerth

Stop By for More Information

We at the Old Stone Restaurant love our community and are proud that you have decided to visit. Stop by to learn more about this quirky and lovely neighborhood, then get weird with us and enjoy some of the best comfort food in town.