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One Stone: Chef Tom Ramsey Ushers in The New, New Orleans Classics
August 5, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by One Stone Restaurant

Its a fresh take on the down-home classics that you remember and love. Artfully crafted by Head Chef, Tom Ramsey, these clever new twists will blow your mind.

Chef Tom Ramsey Takes the Cake

His personal web page introduces him as “Renaissance Man, Raconteur, Chef who stares at goats.” We did our research. Ultimately, we knew that Chef Tom Ramsey’s unique take on culinary creation would be a novel hit.

From reading of his own personal blog, it is easy to see that Chef Tom is fun and community-driven. He tells us of his experience, disguising a traditional French omelet as Green Eggs and Ham, for a function at the Mississippi Children’s Museum. It’s an artful take on a literary classic, incorporating spinach, green onions and basil to give the dish its signature color. (Of course, for some laughs he told the children the green color comes from the bugs. Hilarious!)

His style spans a spectrum of cultures, incorporating such surprise elements as Italian risotto, Mexican pork and chili verde, and Japanese ramen, into the classic comfort foods that have earned him fame. That’s a perfect fit for our style: traditional dishes, made from the best local ingredients, with just a touch of adventure.

Dinner in New Orleans with a Twist?

It’s this same drive to reach the community, and impart a smile, that shines on the New Orleans Style dinner menu at One Stone Restaurant. Recently added, the menu features options founded on New Orleans classics, with fresh new flair. We’ve tried them before, we’ve grown up with them, but the creative spin, afforded by Chef Tom’s mastery, gives familiar dishes an innovative overhaul.

Shrimp and Grits? It’s a New Orleans classic, a Southern mainstay, building big taste on simple foundations. A jumble of seasoned shellfish on a heaping mound of buttery grits? Nope, our recipe is reinvented with barbeque shrimp beneath a freshly made Delta Grind grit cake.

Consider the humble Brussels sprouts, a tiny cabbage, often serving as a bland side dish. In Chef Tom’s skilled grasp, it becomes an artful salad, dressed up with almonds, dried cranberry, goat cheese, pickled red onion, chili threads, and a sesame soy vinaigrette.

New Orleans shrimp salad starts with fresh gulf shrimp and usually goes the route of a creamy sandwich pile-on. No remoulade or mayonnaise here. Our signature recipe includes pickled shrimp, melon, sweet onion, mint and cotija, for a fresh and zesty change-of-pace.

The New, New Orleans Dinner Menu, is featured every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Join us for a fresh take on the classics!

It’s About the Experience

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a wonderful contrast at One Stone. We’re traditional and we’re innovative. We use simple ingredients to yield complex flavors. We offer upscale comfort foods to impress your business partners and your laid-back friends. We’re a bit like those genius inventors really. Brilliant, with a delightfully-quirky, suit coat and polka-dot slacks, eccentric side.

We have something for everyone, from vegetarian dishes to the most succulent chicken pot pie you ever tasted. Come by for breakfast, for a quick bite and a cup of the city’s best coffee. How would you like that? Cold Brew? Espresso? Americano? Cappuccino? Macchiato? Bring the whole family for a great dinner and a superb glass of wine.

Located on 323 Verret Street in New Orleans, LA, One Stone is the place for a great get together or a comfort food craving. We're open 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM, Sunday through Wednesday, 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM, Thursday through Saturday. Join us for dinner in New Orleans any day of the week.