Breakfast - available 7:30am - 2pm

  • dsc_5770©2019deancarpentier.com_310-614-1350.jpg
    Get to the point $9.00

    Two baked eggs, Beeler's bacon, cheese grits & toast. 

  • Morning Croissy $6.75

    Classic butter croissant, Beeler's bacon, baked egg, cheddar cheese. 

  • Biscuit Slider $7.25

    Angel Biscuit (GF/VG), baked egg, turkey sausage, cheddar cheese. 

  • img_2233.jpg
    Signature Breakfast $9.00

    Angel biscuit (GF/VG), baked egg, prosciutto, yogurt schmear, fresh fruit. 

  • dsc_2794©2019deancarpentier.com_310-614-1350.jpg
    Yogurt Parfait $6.50

    Happy little scoops Greek yogurt, fresh berries, Louisiana cane syrup, fresh fruit, seed brittle.

  • dsc_2829©2019deancarpentier.com_310-614-1350.jpg
    Chia Pudding $6.50

    Homemade chia pudding with coconut milk, vanilla, cinnamon, Louisiana cane syrup, fresh fruit. 

  • fe608bbf-67be-45dc-be74-816191c69044.jpg
    Quiche 5.75

    Eggs blended with cream and scrumptious fillings. Selections vary daily, please check menu board. 

  • Quiche & Salad 8.25

    Daily quiche and a side salad. 

  • Bread & Butta 3.75

    Your choice of classic butter croissant, andgel biscuit (GF/VG), or Bellegarde Bakery Sourdough wheat toast. Served with butter. 

  • Build Your Own Breakfast Prices vary 

    Choose from our selection of proteins, breads, fruit, and extras. Build your breakfast your way. 

Lunch - Available 7:30am - 2pm

  • Bayou Taquitos $7.75

    Corn tortillas filled with locally made boudin. Choice of dippin' sauce: jalapeño, Louisiana cane syrup, Greek yogurt

  • dsc_6189©2019deancarpentier.com_310-614-1350.jpg
    Soup du Jour $5.75 / $8.25

    Selections vary daily, please check the menu board. Cup or bowl. 

  • Verret Bacon Blue Salad $9.50

    Seasonal greens, green apple, pickled red onion, Beeler's bacon, blue cheese, lemon & olive oil dressing. 

  • Robin's Nest Salad $6.50

    Small salad of arugula, one baked egg, soy vinagrette, tomato, pickled carrot. (GF)

  • dsc_3052©2019deancarpentier.com_310-614-1350.jpg
    Eagle's Nest Bowl-or-Salad $10.50

    Seasonal greens, two baked eggs, pickled red onions, parmesan, soy vinagrette, tomato, pickled carrot. *Bowl comes with rice tossed in soy sauce.

  • dsc_3048©2019deancarpentier.com_310-614-1350.jpg
    Caribbean Chick Bowl-Or-Salad $12.50

    Seasonal greens, two scoops, Caribbean jerk chicken salad, goat cheese, green onion, fried onion, pickled green tomato salad, soy vinagrette. *Bowl comes with rice tossed in soy sauce. 

  • Croissant Sammie 7.50

    CHOICE OF: Caribbean chicken salad, Pickled green tomato BLT, or today's special (see menu board). 

  • one stone restaurant
    In Da Club 9.50

    Smoked turkey breast, ham, Beeler's bacon, cheddar cheese, greens and special sauce. Piled high on a butter croissant. 

Winner winner chicken dinner
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Available 5pm - 9pm Thursday, Friday & Saturday

  • img_0228.jpg
    When in brussels $9.50

    brussels sprouts, almonds, dried cranberry, goat cheese, pickled red onion, chili threads, sesame soy vinaigrette

  • f899f480-e398-44e1-afad-0716f9bbf888.jpg
    panzanella salad $10.50

    heirloom and hothouse tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, lemon tarragon vinaigrette, sweet cornbread crouton

  • img_0227.jpg
    squashburgler $9.50

    shaved butternut sqaush, cotija cheese, chili crunch, red onion, pepitas, lemon vinaigrette

  • img_0230.jpg
    dip baby dip $6.50

    baby lima beans, Greek yogurt, cilantro, cumin, wafer crackers

  • pimento cheese whip $6.50

    pimento, cheddar, wafer crackers

  • Bravo! Sammy $6.50

    extra large gulf shrimp, prosciutto, Greek yogurt, pesto

  • gobble till you wobble $11.75

    sous vide turkey breast, cranberry horseradish mayo, pickled red onion, arugula

  • steak bacon blue sammy $13.75

    hanger steak, beeler's bacon, blue cheese, baby spinach, bacon fat mayo, pickled red onion, grainy mustard

  • cubano $11.75

    mojo marinated roasted pork, ham, swiss mustard, house made dill

  • veggie mac sammy $10.75

    roasted squash, mac-n-cheese

  • img_0270.jpg
    pot roast $15.50

    classic hanger steak pot roast, new potato wedges, fresh herb salad

  • img_0231.jpg
    chicken pot pie $13.50


  • img_5235.jpg
    shrimp n grits $17.00

    gulf shrimp, bbq shrimp sauce, Delta Grind grit cake

  • img_0253.jpg
    bunny chow $13.50

    Cape Malay curry, white bread bowl, lemon chutney

  • welcome to carrot-dise $6.50

    heirloom carrots, lemon creme fraiche, carrot top pesto

  • whistlin' dixie squash $6.50

    yellow dish squash, sweet onion, thyme, bread crumb crust

  • mr. green beans $6.50

    roasted green beans, pecan, garlic

  • big daddy mac-n-cheez $9.50

    mac-n-cheez, bacon, chives

  • kids trouser press grilled cheez $7.75

    cheddar, swiss, side of apple slices

  • lil baby mac-n-cheez $7.75

    mac-n-cheez, bacon

  • dinnerable $7.75

    fresh friut, pickles, pepperoni, butter croissant

Available 7:30am - 2pm

  • dsc_2853©2019deancarpentier.com_310-614-1350.jpg
    Confetti Breakfast $6

    Turkey sausage patty, fruit, choice of croissant, biscuit, or toast. 

  • the lunch bunch $6

    Pepperoni slices, cheddar cheese, fruit, crackers. 


  • DRIP COFFEE $2 / $2.50 / $3

    Carefully brewed and ready-to-serve. 8oz / 12oz / 16oz

  • cold brew $3.25 / $3.75

    Our secret recipe. Cold brewed and caffeinated. 12oz / 16oz

  • Espresso $2.75

  • Americano $3

    Espresso with hot water

  • Macchiato $3.25

    Espresso with a dollup of steamed milk

  • Cortado $3.50

    50/50 espresso & steamed milk

  • Cappuccino $3.75

    Espresso with steamed milk to fill up your coffee cup. 

  • Latte $4.25

    Espresso with steamed milk to fill up your even bigger coffee cup. 

  • Iced Latte $4.50

    Espresso and cold milk over ice, 16 oz. 

  • Hot Tea $2.75

    Choose from our many selections of Mem Tea. Lots of choices in each category. Black/Herbal/Green

  • Iced Tea $2.75

    Traditional black or our herbal flavor of the day, ask your barista. 

  • Chai Latte $4.25

    House made chai concentrate with steamed milk. 

  • Iced Chai Latte $4.50

    House made chai concentrate with cold milk over ice, 16oz. 

  • Matcha Latte $4.50

    Matcha with steamed milk.

  • Iced Matcha Latte $4.75

    Matcha with cold milk over ice, 16oz.

  • Homemade lemonade $2.75
  • Steamer  $2.75

    Chocolate or Vanilla

  • Big Easy Butcha $5.75

    Local kombucha. 

  • Natalie's Fresh Juices $4.75

    Selections vary, see beverage case. 

  • Bottled Water / soda / juice / milk Prices Vary 

Beer & Wine & Sake & Booze

  • Beers $3.50 - $6.50

    Selections Vary 

  • Filus Winery Torrontes $7.50 / $27

    Argentine white wine

  • Henri Perruset Chardonnay '16 $11 / $36

    French white wine

  • Adega do Salvador Calcada Vinho Verde $10 / $36

    Portuguese white wine

  • Cieck Erbaluce $10 / $36

    Italian white wine

  • Studebaker Blancos $45

    Extended skin contact Australian white wine. Bottle only

  • Vinterloper Riesling $68

    Dry Australian Resiling, white wine. Bottle only

  • Delicioso Tempranillo $7.50 / $27

    Spanish red wine

  • Trim Cabernet Sauvignon $8.50 / $33

    California red wine

  • St Cosme Cotes du Rhone Rouge Syrah $14 / $44

    French red wine

  • 22 Pirates $14 / $49

    California red wine blend

  • Bellacosa Cabernet Sauvignon $12 / $44

    California red wine

  • Chateau de Parenchere Bordeaux $14 / $49

    French red wine

  • Vinterloper Urban Winery  $68

    Australian red wine. Bottle only. 

  • Simonet Blanc de Blanc Brut $7.50 / $27

    French sparkling wine

  • Salvador Lago Rosé $8 / $29

    Portuguese rosé wine

  • Cibonne Tentations Côtes de Provence Rosé $14 / $49

    French rosé wine

  • Holly's Garden Sparkling Rosé $47

    Australian sparkling rosé done in champagne style. Bottle only.

  • Cherry Bouquet Saké $27

    300ml bottle

  • Mirror of Truth Saké $27

    300ml bottle

  • Mimosa $6

    Sparkling wine with OJ

  • Mimosa Carafe  $24

    Sparkling wine with OJ

  • Screw Driver  $6.00

    Local Cathead vodka with OJ

  • Bloody Mary $6

    Local Cathead vodka bloody mary with house pickled carrot garnish.

  • NOLA Coffee $8

    Cathead pecan vodka, Chicory liqueur, Cream & Cold Brew Coffee.