Our Partners - Coava
September 18, 2017 at 6:00 PM
by One Stone Restaurant

We’d like to send some love to Coava, our beloved Portland Roaster. The leaders of this valiant crew travel far and wide to secure the best coava, which is the unroasted, green coffee plant; the base from which they craft their magic. They source from Honduras, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Kenya, Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Guatemala, and create sustainable, respectful, and thriving relationships with the farmers and the land. Coava’s beloved products feature everything from the Chocolate Forward blend, ‘Romualdo Moreno’ from Honduras, to the fruity and delicate ‘Bukisa’ from Kenya. Their variety and gorgeous welcoming Portland venue landed them a spot on BuzzFeed’s Portland Bucket List. One Stone supports and partners with Coava because of their mission to focus on quality, complexity, and balance in each cup.

Check them out at coavacoffee.com