Our Partners - Mauthe's Progress Milk Farm
October 26, 2017 at 6:00 PM
by One Stone Restaurant

Our Dairy Partner, Mauthe's Progress Milk Farm, a family dairy, is located just outside of Louisiana in Progress, MS. While they supply Yogurt, Cream, Butter, Cheese, Milk, and Cheesecakes, they are famous for their award winning Creole Cream Cheese. Their Milk has no additives or artificial hormones. The Local customers say that it’s what milk should taste like. The Mauthe Family Dairy was started in the 9th ward years ago, and has made a few relocations before reaching it's current home in Mississippi.  They are a 4th generation, family run business. Mauthe's farm is pesticide and commercial fertilizer free, they use organic practices and their cows are 100% grass fed. All of their milk travels no more than 100 miles from the farm... right into your cup of coffee.

The Mauthe family has also been credited with "saving the creole cream cheese tradition." It takes about 115 gallons of milk creates about 600 cups of this infamous Creole Cream Cheese. While other farmers stay away from this labor and time intensive treat, Kenny Mauthe digs right in and is happy to provide the fan favorite. ‘Traditionally it was eaten—people sprinkled sugar on it and eat it just straight out of the container like that. And there’s—there’s all kinds of ways: you can put fresh fruit on it or you can use it to cook with; it’s good in pastas. You can make cheesecakes with it. It’s good like that.’~ Kenny Mauthe

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